How it started

Back in 2019 Bart created the first chat cartridge as a proof of concept.
Unlike today's cartridge, this first version did not use the ESP32, it used an Arduino Nano with an ESP8266 Serial module for the WiFi communication. The project evolved, and in 2021 it was ready for larger-scale testing. Bart crafted 10 cartridges and distributed them freely to anyone eager to partake in the experiment.
A few successful chat sessions were done, but it was quite a slow process.
Here is a picture of what it looked like back then:
Start screen in 2021
The start screen was in black and white, but the chat screen was nice and colorful.

Version 2.0, a fresh start

In 2023, Theo got in touch with Bart and convinced him to revive the Chat64 project. They teamed up to redesign the hardware and rewrite the software from scratch.
They introduced new functionality such as private chat and even an A.I. Chatbot.
The hardware and all software is now open source and available on Github.
Bart and Theo Theo
Bart and Theo testing software Theo soldering a proto type

Retro Recipes

In 2024 the Chat cartridge got featured on Perifractic's Retro Recipes: