This document describes how to update the EEPROM in your cartridge.

1.0 Tools needed

To program an EEPROM you will need a programmer, the Tl866ii Plus by XGecu is a popular choice.


You can buy this programmer at Amazon or Aliexpress, expect to pay around 50 to 60 dollars or Euro's

Software for Windows

On windows I use a program called Xgpro. It is supplied by the maker of the programmer XGecu.
Download version 12.66 of the Xgpro programming software here:

Software for Linux

On linux I use the open source program called minipro, for more details see Github
This tool works from the command line, it does not supply a Gui.

2.0 Download the bin file

Download the latest bin file from the github repository or download the latest version here: [cartridge.bin]

3.0 Program the EEPROM

Open the Xgpro program.

Select the EEPROM type

Press this button (image below) to select the right type of eeprom
Select IC
The EEPROM in your cartridge could be one of the following types:
> ATMEL 28C64
> ATMEL 28C64B
> NEC UPD28C64

Use the search function to filter all 28C64 types:
Select IC
Select IC
Select IC

Load the cartridge.bin file

Load the downloaded bin file.
Load Bin File
Press the program button.
Program button
Place the eeprom chip in the programmer as indicated in the new window (image below).
and press the Program button in that window.
Program window
Wait for programming to finish and check the result message.

Your EEPROM is now updated.
Be sure to replace the eeprom in the cartridge in the correct orientation!